Fall ’09 Student Projects

On this page are links to student created projects from the fall semester 2009.

Felicia Allinger–Overfishing

Kevin Banh–Natural Resources

Marshall Bovee–Infectious Disease

Judith Braunecker–Swine Flu

Alex Broschat–Human Trafficking

Seaton Bryan-Argudin–Corruption and You

Lee Burkhardt–Deforestation

Josh Carroll–Organized Crime

Mandie Cox–Investment and Trade

Laurel Enloe–Peacekeeping

Marieka Erb–Ocean Pollution

Cody Forrester–Overpopulation

Keith Greinier–Waste Management

Charles Hart–Infectious Disease

Jennifer Katasse–Water

Charity Lee–The Global Food Crisis

Cathy Manuel–Education for All

Kari Paustian–International Aid

Sam Petro–Overfishing

Jordan Pratt–Poverty

Michelle Reaney–Biodiversity

Kevin See–Poverty

Riley Whitson–Mass Media

Erica Wilcox–Saving the Daughters

Shelby Williams–Global Deforestation

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