Course Standards

Content Standards – 85% of Final Grade

The standards to be met in this course by students and on which they are assessed are based on the Alaska Content Standards in Geography, which parallel five of the six Essential Elements of Geography for Life, the national geography standards.

  • The World in Spatial Terms
  1. Use Geographic Skills
  • Places and Regions
  1. Understand Regions
  • Physical Systems
  1. Recognize Diversity & Spatial Distribution of Earth’s Ecosystems
  • Human Systems
  1. Explain Human Networks & Globalization
  2. Interpret Population Characteristics and Distribution
  3. Analyze how Conflict & Cooperation Shape Earth’s Surface
  4. Analyze Processes, Patterns, & Functions of Human Settlement
  • Environment and Society
  1. Understand Resource Development & Use
  2. Analyze Patterns of Resource Use
  3. Analyze Human Perceptions of Resource Use & the Environment
    Analyze Resource Management Use
  4. Evaluate Consequences of Human Modification
  • Uses of Geography
  1. How to Apply Geography to Interpret the Present and Plan for the Future
  2. Interpret Demographic Trends
  3. Evaluate Global Changes

Life Skills Standards – 15% of Final Grade

  • Work Ethic (5%)
  • Participation (5%)
  • Courtesy/Respect (5%)
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