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Use Today’s Meet–https://todaysmeet.com/Graphs –to post the link to your Gapminder graph.

If you don’t have a Gapminder graph, have your printout ready to share via the document camera.


Today’s Meet 12/16/2014

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3rd Period:  https://todaysmeet.com/GI3Fall2014

7th Period:  https://todaysmeet.com/GI7Fall2014



Footprint Calculator Response

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After calculating your ecological footprint, comment on your footprint by:

(1)  Stating how many planet Earths you use, how many global hectares of Earth’s productive area are required for your global footprint, and what the breakdown is for your footprint (food, shelter, mobility, goods, and services).

(2)  Comment on how your footprint score compares to at least three other countries from three different continents.  (See:  http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/footprint_for_nations/ and select three countries from the box on the lower right of the page.) How do these three countries compare in terms to the ecological footprint and biocapacity?

(3)  What do you conclude about your ecological footprint, especially as it compares to the ecological footprints for other countries?  Do you think your ecological footprint is representative of the entire U.S.?  Why or why not?

(4)  Now that you have done the ecological footprint calculation, what thoughts does it give you about your (our) lifestyle?  What questions do our scores raise in your mind?

Sign your reply with your initials followed by your class period and then “Fall 2014.”  Thus, a signature might be:  JAM 3rd Period Fall 2014.